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The Right Questions, the Right Answers

Your Blueprint For Wealth.

How do you become financially successful? It’s not chance. It’s knowing the right questions to ask yourself and your financial advisor. And having the discipline to develop and follow your plan.Your Financial House® is a unique way to help you map out steps to a better, richer, fuller life – now and down the road. It’s not about day trading, restructuring debt, or a quick fix. Instead, because you are unique, Your Financial House® helps you create a custom financial plan centered around your dreams and goals. And we believe that should be at the heart of any long-term investment strategy. Don’t leave the future to chance. Instead, let our book support your efforts to make your financial dreams come true

Your Financial House® is a unique financial planning process of Fi Plan Partners.

More Than Solutions. Wisdom.

Knowledge is power. And for financial security, Your Financial House® puts power in your hands. Or if you have the assets to achieve your dreams and goals but you don’t have a plan of how to make it happen, Your Financial House® is for you as well.

Is Your Financial House® for you? Your Financial House® is not for everyone. It’s not for the person who wants to day trade, restructure their debt or desires a quick fix.


Is Your Financial House® for you?


Where to begin building

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Start Building Your Financial House®

Stop Dreaming. Make It Happen. You have goals and dreams. It might be retiring early. Or, giving your children a leg-up in life. But fear and anxiety is what keeps many from taking those vital first steps in achieving their life goals – goals that might be realistic with the right plan. Your Financial House® helps to remove that stress. The commonsense principles outlined in Your Financial House have the ability to help people of all generations, and with all kinds of needs, enjoy a higher quality of life. That’s because it’s a plan built around the lives of you and your loved ones, not around investment products.

When you are ready to take that step and start building Your Financial House®, it’s as simple as giving us a phone call. We’d love to make a difference in your life.

Greg Powell Author Better Richer Fuller

Meet the Builder

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I’m Greg Powell, developer of Your Financial House®. The concept began the day I helped my four-year-old daughter color in rooms of a house she sketched on a piece of paper. Lydia gave each square a different color, describing how each room was a place for her special things. That father daughter moment gave me an idea: What if this house could help people think about the financial planning process? What if I could talk about a “financial blueprint” instead of a financial plan? I quickly put my 32 years of financial experience to work, and the result was Your Financial House, bringing all facets of financial planning under a single roof. Using the Your Financial House model over time, I’ve seen people gain the knowledge to embrace their strengths and reduce their anxieties. For we ASK unique questions most financial advisors don’t even consider. To learn more, visit my financial planning and wealth management website here and learn how we work with our clients. Or feel free to email me here if you have any questions.

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