What is a Financial Blueprint?

If you’ve ever built a house or known somebody who has, you know there was a vision of what it would look like long before it was constructed. If you told the builder, “Listen, we’ve taken pictures off the internet, sketched out some designs and this is how we think the house should look. We really don’t want to do a blueprint… just start building.” The builder would never take that job.

Sadly, in the financial service industry, you can meet with a financial advisor, share your vision, thoughts and financial statements only to watch the advisor jot down a few notes and say, “Now that I have a glimpse of your vision, let’s take your money and place it in “these investments” which have historically done well.” This is the equivalent of a builder who would take your money and start building your house without a blueprint.

You would never build a house without a blueprint. Why would you do the same with your financial future? You need a financial blueprint to build Your Financial House®.

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